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No Start up Fees, No Termination Fees, No bull, No small print,

 No False promises, No lengthy contracts just good old fashioned service

  at Villa4Less!



New owners or owners looking to switch companies for a better service should take a moment to read through this introduction!!




We have had a very successful year with rentals in our managed homes and we are currently seeking to add more homes to our inventory of quality vacation homes. For a limited time we are offering a very special deal for new home owners that come on board with us for management.

We will waive our monthly management fee for the first six months of service!

We will pay for any costs involved regarding the administration time involved in changing over services from your existing management company! We can work with your current management company to ensure a smooth transition as possible.

We will supply free of charge a set of professional photographs of your home!

We will create a listing on our websites for your home at no cost to you!

As well as listing your home on our own awesome websites it will also be listed on other sites such as Flipkey and Trip Advisor, again at no cost!

We will carry out an evaluation inspection of your home free of charge!

We can supply (if requested by the owner) a home owners personal website for their individual home. Owners can customize the website to their own tastes and requirements, free of charge!

We will install signage and a house book for guest guidance in your home at no cost to you!

No cost to you! We will pay! Free of charge!... words we all like to hear!


You may be asking yourself how we can do this and what's the catch?

No catch, we simply need more quality homes to enable us to satisfy the rental enquiries that we get. We would endeavor to cover the cost of the free services offered from the commissions that we earn from the rentals that we place in the homes.

We are aware that we are not the only company offering a similar deal (although most of the others are only offering 3 months free management) but check out the competitions ongoing costs after the "free" period is over! It may not be such an attractive deal after all! We have not raised our rates to offset the cost of this promotional offer!

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to switch management companies and never did? Well now is the time! Don't miss this incredible deal!

Please continue to read below about who we are, our management services and what we offer, and our ongoing charges are also listed for you to compare.

We will be happy to discuss in person, over the phone or by e mail any particular questions or issues that you would like, at what cost?

Well that is FREE also of course!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our special offer!

Whether you are a first time buyer embarking on your Florida home adventure or a seasoned and perhaps disillusioned homeowner looking to change your existing management company you will find that we at Villa4Less will come as a breath of fresh air!

We apologize for this rather lengthy introduction to our services !!  Unlike our competitors we wanted to give you as much information about ourselves and services right from the start. This is how we do business ! Nothing hidden, no small print, no bull, just honest good old fashioned service with all of our cards on the table from the start, including our prices!  

Villa4Less have nothing to hide! So please read through the following information. It will probably answer most of your questions and if it doesn't then just ask away! We are more than happy to help!                                

Our company has American and British partners so we have a good understanding of our home owners needs from both sides of the pond! We also have staff that speak fluent Spanish which is invaluable when dealing with our South American guests.

We are currently seeking further homes to satisfy the increase in rental enquiries that we have been receiving. Despite the grim economy we have been experiencing rapid growth with enquiries and bookings in the homes that we manage.

We fully understand that this is a very competitive industry in the Central Florida area and appreciate that we have to devote ourselves to our business, guests and clients in order to thrive.

We therefore base our fundamental policies on honesty, openness and integrity.

Villa4Less have a simple contract with our home owners stating each party's responsibilities written in a way that everyone can understand. No sneaky clauses, no long term commitment, if you are not happy with our services then simply give us 30 days notice with no penalties or cancellation fees etc.

Forward thinking company

We have the latest state of the art software and reservation system. Guests can book a home on line directly from our website with just a few clicks. Home owners can also enter their own bookings on the software, view statements etc.

Homes are listed on multiple websites to increase probability of someone viewing your home. We answer rental enquiries immediately and work extremely hard at obtaining quality bookings for your home.

Villa4Less staff attend all local seminars run by the tax authorities and hotel licensing officials to ensure we are fully compliant with current regulations and remain in good standing with them. We find that by doing so they are very helpful when we do have any issues that need to be resolved.

We even employ the services of a retired tax inspector to assist with the licensing and sales and tourist taxes. She can be a very useful ally to have in case of any unforeseen problems or for owners coming on board who have had past problems that need to be resolved!

We care about the detail!

Villa4Less only manage homes within the Disney area and we know all of the individual owners personally and many have been friends as well as "business partners" for many years. You are never just a number with Villa4Less!!!

We take great care with all of the owners guests and don't just book them in and forget about them. We always make contact throughout their stay to make sure everything is in order. Having this personal relationship means that we know each home intimately and can provide a much more personal service for our owners and guests. This in turn leads to many repeat guests; some have been using our homes for their vacations and business trips for many years.

Honesty from the start ..

We tell it like it is!!!

Many other companies will promise what ever you want to hear just to get you on their books for management. We will answer any questions you have with honesty, openness and integrity. Often the answer you hear will not be the one you hoped for or expected but we want to start off as we mean to go on with no hidden or misleading statements or claims, promises that cannot be fulfilled, unrealistic claims of rental returns etc. We will supply you with details of the services we offer and what is and what isn't included in the price. We believe this is the best policy because this way everyone involved is aware of their obligations and responsibilities right from the start. 

Chances are that you have probably received similar proposals from other management companies but how many others have been up front with you from the start? What have they got to hide?  Many will "dress up" their services with fancy names such as "Butler service" etc. but at the end of the day it is property management pure and simple no need to give it a fancy name to justify excessive charges!!

There may be some companies who will offer slightly lower rates (but not many) but please be aware you will probably be charged quite heavily for ongoing small repairs and services which will more than make up the small difference !! For example charging for turning pool heating on and off is a favorite "sneaky" charge often applied!

We will match our competitors' rates if they happen to be cheaper! 

Two way partnership

Villa4Less like to think of our relationship with our home owners as a two way partnership both the owners and ourselves aiming to achieve the same goals. We understand that owners differ in many respects. For example some owners like to spend their time in the home carrying out repairs and decorating while others just want to leave it all to us. Some want to attain maximum rentals by working hard at it themselves in partnership with us, and others are happy with a minimal amount of rental traffic, some want no guests at all in their homes and simply want us to look after it in their absence. We are happy to work with all of our owners to meet their particular requirements.

Types and choices of management companies

There are many management companies in the area but very few actually invest any time or money in advertising or promoting the homes that they manage. Many will tell you that they do not "get into that side of things" or that they will "put your home on our website". 

Most of you with your own website will already know the chances of a potential guest actually hitting your website are very, very slim, just do a Google search for Florida villa or similar and see how many pages come up !!

At the other end of the scale you will come across the "guaranteed rental" companies that will "guarantee" a certain number of weeks or a rental income amount per year. The latter is obviously the most appealing to home owners but the income derived from the bookings is generally very low as they are sourced via the major tour operators who negotiate the rates down very low. They will often restrict your own use of the home as well. They will also only want to book all of the peak periods out which you could probably do yourself anyway. And typically any "guaranteed income" is quickly swallowed up with additional costs. Please also be aware that a number of these companies have gone under in the last couple of years leaving home owners and guests seriously out of pocket.

We like to place ourselves somewhere in the middle. We pay to advertise our owners' homes on the best advertising websites and constantly looking and trying other websites on which to promote our owner's homes.  This ensures a steady stream of quality enquiries and more importantly at a fair market price. We do also deal with some travel agents and booking agents as well as other management companies. This means that our owners' homes obtain a good mix of bookings from different sources. We have many repeat guests requesting the same homes year after year which is something you won't get with the tour operator booking as they are not generally allocated a particular home and have no personal contact with the home owner or the management company, just the tour operator.

For owners who wish to maximize the rentals on their homes we do not unlike many make any rash or exaggerated promises. We do however work very hard at obtaining rentals for home owners that require them.

We have worked hard over the last 12 months in advertising, website updating, acquiring good web addresses and search engine optimization etc. 

There are many management companies in the area to choose from and making the right decision is crucial. 

The final choice of course will be made by you. There is not much to choose from regarding costs of services between management companies in the area, they are all more or less about the same. In fact the industry is so competitive that prices of having your Florida home managed have remained pretty much the same for a number of years!!.                                              

Unlike many other management companies we do not restrict the amount of use that you have of the home yourself or when you wish to use it or rent it out yourself, in fact we actively encourage it!! And of course if you do secure your own rentals there is no commission due to us!

Villa4Less will still look after your guests in the same way as we do our own guests.


We can advise home owners of the different methods of advertising their own home that need not cost a lot of money, in fact there is a lot of free advertising to be found that can be quite productive.

We are available to speak to when you want to and reply to phone calls, e mails etc. promptly.

Other Services

Villa4Less offers a full range of maintenance, upgrades and repair services.

If you need it done, we can help! We endeavor to use our own workforce wherever possible to carry out repairs, maintenance etc. This helps keep the costs down to our homeowners. On occasions when we do have to use contractors we will only use those that are licensed and that we have previously used or been recommended to.


Unlike our competitors wanted to give you as much information as possible right from the start and we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our rather lengthy introduction!!

We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

The following pages give more information regarding costs of our services and more detail of what you would and would not be paying for in these services:

What is the cost of Villa4less management services?

Monthly management fee for pool homes                         


Monthly management fee for condos/townhomes                


Pool service monthly charge                                              


Lawn service monthly charge                                            


Pest control service monthly charge                                 


Commission or fees for any owner bookings                      


Some of the above services may be included in your Home owner's association fees. In these cases simply deduct the cost of these services.

We will happily match any of our competitors rates should they happen to be cheaper (unlikely but you never know!)

We are happy to mix and match the above services if for example you have your own lawn guy we do not insist that you use our services. However in 

such cases we accept no responsibility for the actions or quality of third party workers employed by yourselves.

Note regarding rental commissions: Most other companies will charge you commission on any money that they take in connection with the booking including taxes, pool heat, rental equipment etc. This is normally in addition to further charges such as credit card fees, Paypal fees and admin charges etc. So although their commission may seem

lower at first glance be aware of the full range of items that you will be charged commission on.

Commission on any bookings that we achieve is 20% of base rental.

(The nightly/weekly rate before taxes) No commission charged on taxes, pool heat etc

. We absorb the guests' credit card charges within our fee which is normally 3-5% and we also use a portion of this fee to market your vacation home. So in reality we are charging around 10-12% net commission.

Departure Cleaning Fees

3 bedroom homes   


4 bedroom homes   


5 bedroom homes   


6 bedroom homes   


7 bedroom homes   

$140 (under 3000 sq ft)

7 bedroom homes   

$150 (over 3000 sq ft)


If you don't like what we do then you can simply leave!

No penalties or fees just 30 days notice and you are free to go!

We are confident that we are among the very best in management companies, no one cares more about their business and clients than we do! 

Go on give us a call or drop us an e mail, we would love to hear from you!!


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