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A small selection of great homes for sale in the ever popular Emerald Island Resort

6 bedroom 5.5 bathrooms priced at $495,000. Property ID# on this website 8475OK
Courtesy of American Ideal Homes

Coming on for sale soon! A 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home. Property ID# on this website 2604EIB
Expected price will be around $225,000

6 bedroom 5.5 bathrooms priced at $495,000. Property ID# on this website 2718LK
Courtesy of American Ideal Homes

7 bedrooms 6 bathrooms priced at $519,000 Property ID# on this website 2603IB
Courtesy of American Ideal Homes

7 bedrooms 4.5 bathrooms very well priced at $415,000 Property ID# on this website 8404SKC
Courtesy of American Ideal Homes

Please contact us if you would like to view any of the above homes or any other homes in the area and we will be happy to assist.

All of the advance bookings in the above homes can transfer with new owner if current management company retained!! That would be a great start to get you going with your new investment vacation home!!

Ever dream about owning your own Disney Castle?

Do you want your own personal piece of the magic?

There has never been a better time to buy into the dream!

We are able to give you some guidance and help if buying a home in Central Florida is your goal.

Your first step above all else is to find a licensed REALTOR® who REALLY understands the local market regarding vacation homes.
There are hundreds of Realtors who can find you a home to buy but very few who REALLY know anything much about what to do or how to do anything AFTER the sale goes through with regard to a vacation home.

Our Real Estate associates have years of experience and invaluable knowledge of the real estate market in Central Florida and what you absolutely need to know about all aspects of owning a vacation property in the Disney area. This is the key to a successful purchase. 
Whether you are looking to relocate to Florida, buy a second home or vacation property, speak with  one of our trusted Realtors first.
Our clients have a huge benefit being able to draw from our experience on where the best areas and types of homes are located and features that are most requested in short term rental properties. This will help you maximize returns on your investment.

Our partner Real Estate Brokerage is well experienced in dealing with both foreign national and domestic buyers.  They can also provide contacts regarding mortgage financing options, home inspectors and a whole array of other professional services that you may require.

Our services don't stop with simply finding you a home and assisting you with a home purchase. Our property management division offer a full range of property management services if required.

The management services team can also help with furniture packages for your new home.
Free advice on what to furnish and equip your new home with for the rental market. 
Experienced property managers can also advise you with marketing your home for rentals.

Once you have purchased your dream home, we can also help with all aspects of managing your property. Lawn care, pool care, pest control, licensing, setting up utilities, cleaning and very importantly getting some rental guests into your new home!

We also have good local trustworthy contacts for additional enhancements that you may want or need for your new home.
Painters, tiling contractors, plumbers, electricians, interior designers, landscapers, games room installers, blind installers, glaziers,
carpenters, locksmiths and general builders to name a few.

If you are considering purchasing your own piece of Florida real estate then why not combine a day or so of home viewing into your vacation? website has a great choice of homes to choose from in the very best communities.

Once you give the REALTOR® your basic information and requirements they can search to see what is available within your criteria and arrange some time to show you some properties or e mail them to you if you are not in town.

There are numerous steps that are taken in the process of purchasing a home. If you will be requiring some financing to facilitate a purchase then it is very important that you get yourself pre qualified by a lender. If you do not already have a suitable lender then we can provide contact details of some that we recommend.
Pre qualifying is a very important step in the process. If you see a home that you like and would like to make an offer you don't want to lose that home to someone else because they are able to move forward with the process quicker than you!
Sellers take buyers who are pre qualified much more seriously than someone who they consider to be just "window shopping"

Unlike in the UK and other countries Real Estate associates in the U.S. can search and show ALL properties that are for sale regardless of who the listing agent is. So you do not have to actually contact the listing agent for the home. In fact that can sometimes be unadvisable. Think about it, the agent wants to sell you that home...period! They have the SELLERS interest at heart.
By using our preferred REALTOR® he will be more constructive and aware of your actual requirements and will be able to show you a range of homes that fit your requirements.
In the case of new home construction don't be fooled into thinking the on site salesperson will cut you a better deal. They are there for one reason and that is to sell homes by that particular developer whereas an independant REALTOR® can show you all homes that meet your requirements and will also be able to negotiate or match any deal that an on site salesperson may be trying to tempt you with.
You should also be aware that an on site salesperson who is employed by the developer and paid a salary does not need to be a licensed Real Estate professional, not many people know that!!
Remember a listing agent or new home developer has the SELLERS interest first and foremost.
The REALTOR® that is working with you has the BUYERS (your) interest first and foremost. And best of all you have all this knowledge, sourcing, researching and showing homes provided for FREE!


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